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Some one once told me I was sex irreverend. A nice play on words for  me a former seminarian whose career path into the realms of theology where issues around sex and sexuality plague modern faith communities. I just thought I was frank about speaking about such things, not irreverend, but plain I guess. So it evolved and my friends pet name "Padre" at school has evolved into the SexirReverend! Lol !


I recently completed an MA in Quaker Studies at the University of Lancaster in the UK (an interesting experience in the Dept of Politics, Philosophy and Religion). I'm working on getting a PhD registered with another institution, but I'll post up more on that as it all progresses in time. Getting back into studying hasn't been all that easy, but I really have enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction of completing something that thrills and interests me. I'm also an Ashoka Fellow for life, a prestigious association of social entrepreneurs with whom I am proud to be associated with.


Like most Quaker's, I come with my own many Concerns. Some of my favourite's have been around sex, sexuality and gender. I'm interested in issues where intersectionality play's a role. Sex Work, Migration, Refugee concerns, LGTBI rights, Incarceration, Politics and obviously Religion inform much of the political work I do as an activist on the ground and as a civilly aware citizen in the work I undertake on various projects and committees in my community.


I believe in acting locally as much as I am intrigued by global issues.


I love the internet, I love the possibilities and the connections made through this incredible resource. I hope to in someway convey some of my Concerns through this platform and linked blog. I might tweet a bit here and there. Facebook remains a favoured platform and it is there I am most likely to be found for regular interactions. Otheriwse message me through my Contact page.


On a day to day basis you can find me at the MagpieArtCollective in Barrydale, where I work the Collective's Gallery, and with my parnters  we produce bespoke chandeliers and lighting solutions. My portfolio which includes marketing and  our Collective's social responsibility  is another platform, through which I work around issues of concern. Our Studio's concerns for many years has been through the RooiDoppies Project, a conceptual framework which focuses our Collective interests around Recycling, Alcohol Abuse and AIDS.


I host a Quaker Meeting in Barrydale - this fledgling Meeting will evolve overtime into a more structured Meeting and I am hopeful that this will add to the community and spiritual life of  Barrydale and the surrounds. It already is bearing fruit!


cheers, bless up and peace out !


x Shane